Jan 312014

February so eXtreme CRM time, for the forth time I will be there as a speaker.  eXtreme CRM is committed to helping Microsoft Dynamics® partners become more successful by delivering community-based event and activities. The goal of each of the events is to expand the Microsoft Dynamics channel capacity and success. The purpose of the eXtremeCRM conference is to help the Microsoft Dynamics CRM community grow their business by selling, deploying and extending the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution more effectively. For Barcelona  myself and Emir  (co-speaker)  prepared two sessions  .

Sounds interesting ? Feel free to join >>


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Jan 062014

I’m a big fan of Powershell andI do use it whenever possible (read make sense ), recently I decided to try a xRM CI Framework for CRM 2013 . It’s a very powerful framework for TFS which helps with continuous integration for your Dynamics CRM solutions by Wael,  anyone who wants to try should visit his blog and read the articles . I decided to use the part of it just tu setup automatic backups of the solutions (I know there are other methods  ) but this one is very simple and effective. What you have to do is :

  • download framework from here ,
  • install it  full installation guide is available here.
  • then just use my little script which is available to download here.


This script is provided “as is” and without WARRANTY OF ANY KIND ,
The author of this program is not responsible for any data loss or any other type of damage this software may do to your systems. By using this software, you agree to use it AT YOUR OWN RISK.



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Nov 242013

Yes finally, few people asked about drag and drop control for MS CRM 2013 and I decided to redevelop it.Time has moved on so did a solution, I decided to utilize power of HTML5 and fantastic REST API of MS CRM 2013. Solution is now developed as HTML web resource. There is a lot of advantages with that approach, it’s “code less”, based on solid js CRMRESTKIT crmrestkit.codeplex.com framework,  utilizes newest FILE API and DRAG and DROP Api for new browsers. Functionality didn’t change you drag and drop file and Note with the file is created for related entity.

It has been tested on

  • Chrome (on Windows)
  • IE 11 (on Windows)

with CRM 2013 on premise RTM . It works with CRM 2013 Online thx to Emir for testing and confirming that.
I’ll do more testing on different browsers soon but I’d love to get some feedback from users.

Bellow you can find release as managed solution
Download Link

  1. Installation is trivial, you need to import managed solution first.
  2. Than modify form where you want to have a drag and drop functionality
  3. Set properties of the webresource as on the following screen

  4. Control should looks like on the screen bellow

Credits for CRM RESTKIT Authors

  • Daniel Cai @danielcai
  • Matt (https://www.codeplex.com/site/users/view/MattMatt)
  • Daniel Rene Thul, drt@alfapeople.com

This solution is provided “as is” and without WARRANTY OF ANY KIND ,
The author of this program is not responsible for any data loss or any other type of damage this software may do to your systems. By using this software, you agree to use it AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Source code will soon be released on codeplex, so watch the space.

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Sep 232013

CRM 2013 is coming very soon looks like almost there. RC1 version has been released and is looking very good I must admit I’m very impressed (I’m lucky to have access to preview program), a lot of new features, new UI looks very very user friendly. All the bloggers are just waiting to start blogging about new, better MS CRM 2013 (code name Orion), however this post will cover one very important feature, well at least for me person who deals a lot with data. Do you remember OData endpoint in MS CRM 2011 it was right decision to have OData endpoint but let’s face it wasn’t perfect (famous GetGlobalContext Function  ) and all possible workarounds with outlook client or IFD to get data via  OData , now all has changed you can now authenticate with OData in MCRM 2013 endpoint using On premise Windows authentication, that is very powerful. I can give one very particular example (you will not have to write reports J for users) everyone loves Excel and 2013 and now with beautiful add-ons users can create amazing dashboards, reports.


  • Microsoft Power Query for Excel enhances experience in Excel by simplifying data discovery
  • Power Map Preview for Excel 2013 (Geoflow)

One note Power map is in preview. So let’s have a look how easy is to do it. I assume both add-ons installed without any problems on Excel 2013 and you can see new tabs in Excel menu.

In new Power Query tab we need to choose data from OData Feed


Url of OData service is located under Customizations – > Developer Resources

Copy of the url do Power Query

The most important use Windows Authentication

And all Entities discovered

We even can modify our query to choose what we wants to see.


And now the map (I even managed to activate my Excel )


Map generated

I hope that simple example shows how powerful toolset we will have, using just excel we can build amazing dashboards. All different kinds of data can be combined including social (see Facebook connector for Power Query) and visualized together.



CRM 2013


ps This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights.

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